Zona Crew

What is Zona Camp?

Zona camp is the summer youth camp of the Arizona Mission Network of Southern Baptists. A life-changing week for teenagers of engagement in the Gospel, discipleship, leadership development, and missions. This camp takes place at California Baptist University over the course of five days. The camp is broken into several experiences: Zona Experience, Impact, Mission Life, and Worship Catalyst. Each of them has a specific emphasis, but all of them focus on sharing the Gospel and helping teenagers grow in Christ.

What is Zona Crew?

Zona Crew is a team of college-aged men and women who commit a week and a half of their time to be trained in the Gospel and serve in this missions experience to teenagers who have gathered in one place from across Arizona. Christian Challenge AZ, the collegiate ministry of the Arizona Southern Baptist Mission Network, partners with Zona camp for the recruiting, training, and equipping of these college-aged men and women.

What Does it Look Like to Serve as Zona Crew?

Zona Crew commits to coming a few days prior for a half week of training followed by five days of working with teenagers at the camp. This year’s dates are June 20-28, 2024. You will receive communication about departures, locations, and times.


  • Gospel
    • How to pray for Gospel conversations
    • How to set up Gospel appointments
    • How to use Three Circles to present the Gospel clearly
    • How to ask for a decision
  • Camp Specifics
    • The schedule of camp
    • The experience you will be serving in (Zona Experience, Impact, Mission life, Worship Catalyst) and how to serve in that experience
    • Your recreation assignment and how to run it
    • Late night activities and how to run them
    • How to lead response time (a time at the end of the day when teenagers are called to make decisions for Christ)
  • Ministry Safe Training
  • Prayer
  • Challenge Families
    • You will be paired with a Christian Challenge Missionary who will pour into you, provide training, support, and spiritual investment while you serve in this missions experience

*During the week of camp some things are subjected to change. Please be flexible when this happens.

How do I Serve as Zona Crew?

  • Pray about being called to serve in this missions experience
  • When your application is received and your references are checked you will be notified of your place on the Zona Crew team
  • Following approval you will receive emails with various forms to complete. *ALL forms must be complete in order to serve on this missions experience
  • Answer all emails, texts, and phone calls
  • Attend all mandatory Zoom meetings
  • Save/raise your funds to go
    • The cost to serve is $299 for Arizona students, and $350 for non-Arizona students
    • This amount covers the cost to travel to and from camp, housing and meals while at training and camp.
    • These funds are due BEFORE camp. Please check your email for the payment deadline.
    • Crew members can pay to go or they can fundraise to go.
    • If you are interested in fundraising to go on this missions experience, click here to email the Christian Challenge State Office for more information.

We are excited to have you consider joining Zona Crew and serve on this missions experience impacting the lives of Arizona teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Application Deadline is April 30, 2024