Zona Camp

14 Zona Youth

Our Mission

Zona Camp exists to lead students to Jesus and provide a place to grow in Him.

Our Process

We do this by providing the local church a camp experience where students are provided with the opportunity to be rescued from sin through faith in Jesus alone and to grow in their relationship with Him. We cooperate with the local church to provide a safe environment for the Holy Spirit to work in their lives.

Our Values

Believe - Strong belief in the truth found in the Bible.

Connect - Connection to God, to other believers through the local church, and to those who do not know Jesus.

Transform - Transformation that happens when followers of Jesus commit their lives to living for Him and sharing the Gospel with others.

Grow - Providing leaders and students opportunities to grow through development in their unique calling as well as through serving in the community.

Zona Experiences

Zona Camp consist of 4 different experiences, or tracks that students can participate in. Learn more about the different opportunities for students below.

ZONA Experience... Are you ready for the time of your life? The Zona Experience is a well-rounded camp experience that allows you to have fun, make memories, and learn about God’s Word. You’ll be a part of meaningful Bible studies with other people your age, a wide-variety of track times that include relevant issues as well as fun activities, and you'll have the option of participating in tons of great sports! Sign up for the Zona Experience! You’ll talk about it for years to come.

IMPACT is designed for students wanting to take it to the "next level". IMPACT focuses on worldview and leadership development. You must be in High School and receive a recommendation from your pastor or youth minister to be eligible to participate in Impact. This year, we are offering IMPACT 1.0 and IMPACT 2.0 (you must attend 1.0 before you can attend 2.0), and 3.0 (you must attend 1.0 & 2.0 before you can attend 3.0).

MISSION LIFE Experience is an on and off-campus mission experience for those students looking for a hands-on experience to serve others.

WORSHIP CATALYST Experience ‘s goal is to prepare musicians, singers, actors and technologists to be the best worship leaders they can be. We do this through hands-on instruction and by helping them understand what leading worship really is: going to God and taking others with us.

Individual classes include acoustic guitar, bass, drums, electric guitar, tech (sound, lighting, video, and graphics), and vocals. Musicians learn to be more effective with their instruments in individual classes and in a band setting. Technologists work hands on with the Zona’s morning and evening service production team to learn how to prepare and run a service.

Note, students in the musical side of this track should have a working knowledge of their instrument and be proficient at an intermediate level.  Due to the limited number of spaces available in this experience, only students who are accepted through an audition process will be able to register for Worship Catalyst Experience. In order to be officially registered for Worship Catalyst Experience, students will need to submit an audition video to showcase their ability to meet these requirements:

*Instrument qualifications: Instrumentalists should be familiar with basic chord notes (bass), chord shapes (guitar), chord positions/inversions (keyboard), multiple grooves with steady tempos (drums), and rhythms (all). They should be of an intermediate or higher level and already have experience serving in this capacity at your church.

*Vocals qualifications: Vocalists should be better than someone who can just “carry a tune” and preferably be serving in a lead vocal capacity, not just in a choir. Since they are all already serving in these areas, you can evaluate them accordingly.