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Portraits magazine is published quarterly by the Arizona mission Network of Southern Baptists. Its purpose is to support the mission of Arizona Southern Baptist: Working together to make disciples of all peoples in Arizona and around the world.

In this issue:

  • This campus missionary saw the power of cooperation as an MK
  • You gave, missionaries in Africa shared Christ, Abe and his father believed
  • First on scene: Arizona Disaster Relief in Hawaii

In this issue:

  • Scottsdale churches connect & cross barriers of language & culture
  • ‘Familia’ connects Arizona Hispanic churches
  • Kingdom Impact: Churches in Yuma Association help one another
In this issue:

  • God calls ‘regular people’ to the mission field
  • ‘Live Sent’: Clarion call for Ahwatukee church
  • South of the Border: Tucson church is faithful in going

In this issue:

  • Churches cooperate to reach Taiwanese immigrants
  • Partnering with the community to serve the community
  • Establishing a church planter leadership residency

In this issue:

  • Feeding people, helping hurting souls
  • Churches reach through online engagement
  • Touching hearts, reaching people and changing lives through prayer
In this issue:

  • The sexual abuse crisis
  • Learn how to show love and care
  • Making church a safe place for all
In this issue:

  • Sent out but not alone
  • Lifelong view of missions opens doors to world
  • Mission opportunities in Arizona
In this issue:

  • Church planter gets ‘assist’ from new team model
  • Providing hope & care to women who chose abortion
  • A heart for the refugee

In this issue:

  • Cooperation launches new mission to Native Americans
  • God’s answer to fervent prayer reaps a dream come true
  • Strength in Unity: Phoenix Hispanic churches partner for evangelism

In this issue:

  • The Bridge Network: Three determined churches, one dynamic ministry
  • A Network in Action: Resort ministry to serve locals, Canyon visitors
  • ABCS Prescott cabin provides safe space for families
In this issue:

  • Sending workers overseas to do what matters most
  • A mission to care for foster children
  • Tommy Thomas: A lifetime focus on the mission

In this issue:

  • Building community among college students
  • Pastors find community on Facebook

About Portraits

Portraits Magazine is a publication of Arizona Southern Baptists in support of its mission to work together to make disciples of all peoples in Arizona and around the world.

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