Unity Conference motivates youth with worship, messages, workshops

By Sam Castro | Jul 5, 2023

The Unity Conference at Tierra Fertil church in Yuma June 22-24 left a lasting impression on its young attendees.

Held under the theme “Reflections,” based on Proverbs 27:19, the event offered an ideal environment for young people to explore their faith, cultivate spiritual growth and find their individual purpose in life. Featuring a diverse array of speakers, interactive workshops and passionate worship, this platform allowed participants to experience their relationship with God and connect with fellow believers.

The worship sessions at the Unity Conference were an enthralling experience that resonated with the attendees on a deeper level. Led by the Unity worship team, the music was electrifying, permeating the air with an irrefutable feeling of reverence and honor.

Every component of the worship sessions was deliberately designed to lift up the spirits of the youth and establish a space where they could have a profound encounter with God. As voices harmoniously combined, collective worship became a driving force for transformation, unmistakably demonstrating God’s powerful presence among participants.

The esteemed group of guest speakers at the Unity Conference shared the Word, personal experiences and unwavering faith to the youth in attendance.

Alonso and Perla Payan, from Gracia Sin Fin in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, filled the room with hope and inspiration as they shared their stories of triumph over adversity.

Tom Burks, pastor of Stone Ridge Church in Yuma, opened hearts and minds with his relatable stories and practical advice, instilling a passion for living out faith daily within each attendee. His authenticity imprinted upon everyone an enduring connection that extended far beyond the conference stage.

Unity Conference workshops provided valuable insights and practical tools for personal and spiritual growth.

Don Vickers’ workshop on Arizona Southern Baptist Disaster Relief ministry equipped the youth with tangible skills and knowledge to respond effectively to crises and disasters. Through interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, attendees gained an understanding of serving others, instilling a sense of compassion and a desire to be agents of change in their communities. The workshop enabled the attendees to gain not only practical abilities but also reignited their calling to make a positive difference in the world.

Josue and Samuel Castro, from Tierra Fertil Yuma, shared inspiring stories of perseverance and resilience. They discussed how faith in God’s love helped them to overcome challenges and find the strength to keep moving forward.

The audience was deeply moved by their vulnerability and authenticity, which encouraged young people to embrace their individual journeys while recognizing that they are not alone in the struggles they face. Ultimately, the Castros’ stories were powerful reminders that God’s grace and love can transform challenges into chances for healing and growth.

Unity Conference went beyond being a mere event; it became a transformative experience for those who attended. The combination of vibrant worship, provoking messages and engaging workshops provided an ideal environment to promote personal growth and spiritual advancement.

The conference challenged the youth to reflect on their spiritual lives while supplying them with tangible tools and direction to fortify their faith. It incited positive change, motivating the attendees to venture out into their communities and become ambassadors of light and love.

As Unity Conference concluded, the attendees departed with hearts filled with joy, renewed faith and a deeper understanding of their purpose.

Sam Castro is youth pastor and creative director at Tierra Fertil in Yuma.

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