After months of preparation, Northwest Chinese sees gospel responses at concert

By Karen L. Willoughby | Jun 24, 2024

During his evangelistic concert, Huang Kuo-lun calls for those in the audience to indicate their response to the gospel invitation by lifting their hands.

The “God without impossibilities” brought famous Taiwanese performer Huang Kuo-Lun’s evangelistic concert to Phoenix June 9, and before the event was over, more than 70 attendees made a profession of faith in Jesus.

Another 50 or more rededicated their lives to following God’s ways.

“It was just amazing. If you were there you would be really touched,” said Dennis Peng, who coordinated a crew of more than 60 volunteers from Northwest Chinese Baptist Church in Phoenix for the event. “Asian people usually are much more reserved. They were raising their hands and coming forward to the stage. Mr. Huang asked them to bow down and they did that too.”

Peng, manager of a waste management company, led the crew because Pastor Michael Lin had already made plans to be out of town June 9 when Huang’s staff called him in April to ask about a concert venue.

“I came to know this guy 20 years ago,” Lin said. Huang, touring in California, had his staff call Lin when he realized Phoenix was near. “In Taiwan and China, people have to pay a very high price for his concert. For this, he gave for free.”

Lin and Stephen Yee, English pastor of Northwest Chinese, were to be in Indianapolis June 9-12 for the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting, the All-Asian Collective’s Kickoff and the Chinese Fellowship’s gathering.

The Northwest Chinese volunteers — fueled by three months of weekly prayer meetings led by Lin — worked as one team with six responsibilities on and before the afternoon of June 9: ushers, parking attendants, audio/video/computer techs, promotion/marketing artists, and follow-up.

“And of course, everyone took part in cleaning up afterward,” Peng said. “All the glory to God. What has happened, it was truly amazing!”

About 8,000 people of Chinese descent live in metro Phoenix, a number increasing with the establishment of a semiconductor manufacturing plant still under construction by a Taiwanese firm.

A large volunteer team from Northwest Chinese Baptist Church filled a number of roles before, during and after the event.

Lin in May contacted the pastors of the other seven Chinese churches in the Valley of the Sun to ask them to promote the event, and the marketing team drenched Chinese and Taiwanese social media with news of the concert, advertised in several Chinese newspapers, designed oversized posters to hang in Asian supermarkets, and printed 300 postcards about the event for members to distribute to friends, family members and neighbors.

Lin also arranged for CalvaryPHX Church’s Northwest Campus to be the concert venue, since Northwest Chinese Baptist’s worship center wouldn’t be large enough. About 150 people attend Sunday worship at Northwest Chinese, and the church was hoping for perhaps 700 concert attendees.

Peng credited Calvary’s sound and video team for their technical expertise that gave the venue “professional sound quality.”

The one hitch: an unexpected malfunction in Calvary’s air conditioning, a necessity when the parking attendants outside were serving in 107-degree temperatures. But after prayer, the air conditioning returned to normal just before the doors opened.

Huang has written about 200 chart-topping hits for Asian vocalists, performs himself and for about five years has been the lead judge on the Super Idol television program, akin to American Idol.

About three years ago Huang, had a life-changing encounter with God. Since then, he often uses his concerts as evangelistic events. His concerts in California were in several large Chinese churches.

Huang calls the Creator of the universe “the God without impossibilities,” because after his first prayer — given after his recently converted mother had repeatedly begged him to pray, and after three CT scans showed the severity of a health problem — he was miraculously healed, according to a Dec. 19, 2022, article in The China Christian Daily.

People raise their hands, indicating a response to the gospel during an evangelistic concert by Huang Kuo-lun that was hosted by Northwest Chinese Baptist Church at CalvaryPHX Church’s Northwest Campus.

Huang says, according to the article translated into English, “‘God is the God of no impossibilities. Doctors say things are impossible, but with God all things are possible. From the time I met Jesus, I began a journey of miracles without impossibilities.’”

Huang’s concerts typically open with a few songs, with Huang often encouraging audiences to sing along to some of the most popular ones, and then he tells the miraculous difference God made in his life.

“There was a lot of interaction,” Peng said. “It was incredible. A lot of us were truly touched.”

The next Sunday, Lin recognized Peng and showed a 5-minute video that had been crafted to show the congregation the two-hour event from start to finish.

On Sunday, June 23, Lin preached from Romans 1:16 on the power of the gospel.

“We have to believe in the power of the gospel,” he preached in Mandarin. “We have to submit to the calling of the Holy Spirit. We have to work together as one team. We have to reach out to the lost.”

After the service, the 120 or more who responded to God’s call at the concert were invited to the clubhouse of a member’s gated community for lunch, fun and follow-up. The volunteers who helped bring the concert to fruition also were invited so they could “give thanks and all glory to God,” Lin said.

Karen L. Willoughby is a national correspondent for Baptist Press and a freelance writer for Portraits.

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