6 S’s to Help Your Church Grow

By Jackie Allen | Oct 27, 2021

When I was in college I picked up a book by C.B. Hogue entitled I Want My Church to Grow. I think that could be said of all of us in the ministry. We all want our church to grow. But maybe we should start the conversation with the subject of motivation. Ask yourself…

Why do I want my church to grow?

Surely there are unbiblical reasons for wanting your church to grow. We may want the attention of other pastors or churches. We may want it to grow so the giving will increase.

When your church grows, who will get the credit?

Ask yourself, “When my church grows who will get the credit?” That will tell you a lot about your motivation. Are you creating an environment of prayer and deep dependence on God so that when your church grows people will give the praise and glory to God?

With those questions asked and answered, I will tell you that I believe God wants your church to grow in reaching lost people for Christ. The mission of the church is to evangelize the world, and, if we are successful in that, then we will naturally add more people to our congregations.

So, armed with the right motivation (the glory of God) and the right purpose (reaching the lost), let me share some advice I hope will help your church grow.

1. Structure

Ask yourself, “Is my church structured for growth or control?” Are you structured for what you have now or what you want to be? Will your skeletal structure handle the extra weight of growth? For some of us, we will need to develop our structure before we can absorb new growth. That will mean we may need to intensify our discipleship efforts and build up our teams to prepare for what God wants to send us. Don’t be guilty of praying for rain but not digging trenches for it when it comes.

2. Strategies 

What strategy do you have to get the word out about your church and the gospel? Do you have a systematic plan for outreach? When, where, how and how often will you reach out to your community? Will your outreach be service driven, personal evangelism driven, event driven or all of the above? What is your digital strategy for outreach? Lots can be accomplished just be making sure the internet search engines can easily find your church’s website and social media pages.

3. Systems 

Our body runs on the effectiveness of our systems. Our cardiovascular system, our skeletal system and others have to be working properly to ensure physical health. Likewise, your church will operate on systems. What is your outreach system, your assimilation system, your giving system, etc.? When all the systems are healthy and repeatable, things will flow much more effectively and efficiently.

4. Stories

At Cross Church, we strongly believe in the power of stories. We intentionally tell one every weekend in order to drive our people to what matters and what we celebrate. Stories are powerful tools in the hands of the storyteller. Specifically, as it relates to growth, we love to tell invite stories. Those are stories of people in our church who have invited people to Christ and the church. Remember, when it comes to stories, we get what we celebrate.

5. Services

Making sure there is a standard of excellence is very important. Do you start on time, sing on key and preach with passion? All these matter. Equally important in reaching young families is children’s ministry. Remember, unchurched people want to know three things are happening with their children on Sunday: Are they safe? Do they have fun? And do they learn about God?

6. Sermons 

This matters big time. In the end, we will grow our church by the effective preaching of the Word. I’m convinced that we can do all the other stuff, but, if our sermons are weak, it won’t matter. People still come to church to hear “Thus says the Lord.” And this is exactly what the Bible says, “For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe.” 1 Corinthians 1:21

In closing, remember that the growth of the church is a blessing we steward but God gives. “So, neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:7

Jackie Allen is lead pastor of Cross Church in Surprise.

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