Meet Arizona Missionaries

Tiffany Ford

The area in West Africa where Tiffany serves is filled with numerous people groups, totalling 20-25 million people, who mainly practice folk Islam. IMB missionaries here plant Gospel seeds in order to point people to Christ among this agrarian people. Though many struggle daily to make ends meet, they live communally and will always share their food and their life with you. Tiffany is currently in French language study. Although a registered nurse, Tiffany’s passion is to share the Gospel through storying. Her sending church is Happy Valley Baptist Church in Glendale.




How to Pray

  • For a handful of Arizona Baptist churches that the IMB West Africa Team is trying to partner with to advance the Kingdom.
  • For perseverance and wisdom for Tiffany’s team as there are always many moving parts and opportunities.
  • That all those serving In West Africa would be led by the Spirit and diligent in the work.

Request Prayer Guide

Join us in praying for Arizona missionaries by requesting a printed copy or downloading a digital copy of the 2024 Missions Prayer Guide.

Weekly Reminders

Each week we will send an email that highlights this week's prayer focus. It will also include links to the bulletin insert and PowerPoint slide that you can use with your church to engage them in praying for Arizona missionaries.