Meet Arizona Missionaries

Caleb & Tricianne Spacht

Commissioned and sent to France in 2023, Caleb and Tricianne, along with their two daughters, are living in Paris. Once they complete their language training, their primary focus of ministry will be sharing the Gospel with French-speaking Parisians. The team of 12 IMB Missionaries they serve with are eagerly anticipating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to host and organize a large number of evangelistic events when the Summer Olympics come to Paris in 2024. All are asking God to use the Olympics as a powerful tool for connections, evangelism, church strengthening and church planting. The Spachts were sent out from Happy Valley Baptist Church, Glendale.





How to Pray

  • For needed resources connected to their evangelism efforts at the 2024 Paris Olympics.
  • That they continue to make progress in their language training and find “persons of peace” in their neighborhood.

Request Prayer Guide

Join us in praying for Arizona missionaries by requesting a printed copy or downloading a digital copy of the 2024 Missions Prayer Guide.

Weekly Reminders

Each week we will send an email that highlights this week's prayer focus. It will also include links to the bulletin insert and PowerPoint slide that you can use with your church to engage them in praying for Arizona missionaries.