Meet Arizona Missionaries

Andrew Marchbanks

As a Christian Challenge missionary, Andrew Marchbanks is making disciples at Arizona Christian University in Glendale. This chapter of Challenge is unique in that Andrew is reaching out to a population that mostly professes Christ. Andrew and his student leaders need wisdom in discerning those ACU students who have saving faith from those who do not. Also, this uniqueness gives them a tremendous opportunity to develop disciples who can grow into leaders who see themselves as missionaries to the world. Andrew serves on the staff at First Southern Baptist Church of Glendale at Sahuaro Ranch.


How to Pray

  • For Andrew and his leaders as they continue to share the Gospel with the lost and develop students who Love (God), live His Word and serve His church.
  • For Andrew as he also serves with the Zona Youth Camp team to reach teenages with the Gospel.

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Weekly Reminders

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