In joy and obedience

Jan 14, 2021

Five years ago, God’s Word and the conviction of the Holy Spirit had worked in my heart to go overseas. I had no idea when or where, but I knew that if I did not go, I would be disobeying God. I also knew if I didn’t go, I would be robbing myself of the greatest joy I had only begun to taste and the glory of God that had just begun to take a deeper hold in my life.

Now, I am serving with the IMB in a desert country in West Africa with a population of 23.31 million. Here, 99% of the people cling to a hope that their good works, outlined in the five pillars of their faith, will help them be in right standing with God. However, an animistic worldview seeps into their practice by the traditions they do, which they then combine with beliefs of the main religion.

The majority of the women we are trying to reach cannot read, so we are working with our team and national believers to develop a women’s discipleship strategy through storying God’s Word. There is much fear and great risk in following Christ. The women we share with are fearful of their husbands, fathers, the community, and all of the persecution that comes with leaving their faith and following Christ. We pray earnestly that they will see Christ as their ultimate treasure and only hope for salvation!

Though we are still learning ourselves and are daily humbled by our insufficiencies, by God’s grace we strive to preach the gospel to all who will listen and encourage national believers to be disciple makers!

I am Rachel*, and I am the CP.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.


*Name changed


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