Grant Requests

Grant Request Info

Because of the gifts of AZMN churches to the Cooperative Program, the AZMN is able to provide training, consultation, and financial resources consistent with the Centennial Vision for the facilitating of multiplication of disciples, leaders, and participating churches within the AZMN.

The preferred process for Grant Requests is an equal financial participation between Church, Association, and AZMN on amounts up to $1,500 per request. In the case where the budget is greater than $1,500, the church should provide the balance from its own budget process.

To help the equity of funding for all churches, it is requested that a church limit their total requests to $1,500 per year from the AZMN, though exceptions can be made. Preferences will be given to a Grant Request submitted for an association-wide activity and that reflects the strategy of the association. The association should indicate its financial participation and financial amount requested from the AZMN. The amount requested of the AZMN by an association is not limited but should be in accordance with the shared cost of the event.

A church completes the Grant Request form, enters the projected budget and requests the association and the AZMN to partner up to $500 each.

What can you expect?

The response by the AZMN will be related to how the request reflects the five goals of the Centennial Vision and to available funds at the time of the request. Once a request has been received, you may be contacted for further information. After reviewing your request with the input of your association and or Send Missionary, a decision regarding the approval of the request will be made. Upon receiving funding, a church or association will be expected to return a completed evaluation of their ministry activity to the local association and the AZMN.

Evangelism Discipleship Grant Information

If you would like to request a grant from the Evangelism Discipleship or Church Planting Evangelism Discipleship ministry areas, you will need to specify an Evangelism Strategy Initiative. Below is a description of each initiative.

This evangelism initiative helps equip churches to make prayer a central part of their evangelism strategy.

This evangelism initiative assists churches to have an evangelism culture within their community.

This evangelism initiative provides churches with partners to help them navigate their next steps in evangelism.

This evangelism initiative assists churches to leverage technology tools to reach their mission field.

This evangelism initiative assists churches to evangelize targeted groups in Arizona.

Helping Churches in Crisis

Arizona Southern Baptists stand ready to help our sister churches experiencing crisis. Whether it is a financial crisis that affects your ability to support your pastor or staff, or you are not able to make your building or rent payment, or you cannot pay your utility bill, we want to come alongside you in your time of need. These funds are limited and requests must be submitted using the link to the application form.

Requests will be reviewed by a team and you will receive a response within a few days. These grants are only available to churches in the Arizona Southern Baptist Mission Network who participate in giving to the Cooperative Program and have submitted an Annual Church Profile for the previous year.