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Grant Request Info

Because of the gifts of AZSBC churches to the Cooperative Program the AZSBC is able to provide training, consultation and financial resources consistent with the Centennial Vision for the facilitating of multiplication of disciples, leaders, and participating churches within the AZSBC.

The preferred process for Grant Requests is an equal financial participation between Church, Association, and AZSBC on amounts up to $1500.00 per request. In this example, a Church completes the Grant Request form available here, enters the projected budget and requests the association and AZSBC to partner up to $500.00 each. The Church will then submit the request to their associational DOEM, who will forward it to the AZSBC. In a case where the budget is greater than $1500.00, the church should provide the balance from its own budget process.

A qualifying AZSBC church is one who has demonstrated its commitment to the Cooperative Program by some measure of financial contribution in the previous calendar year.

Recognizing that it may not be possible for the church or association to provide up to $500.00, the church and association should provide what they can and the AZSBC response will still be limited to $500.00 per request. To help in equity of funding for all churches, it is requested that a church limit her total requests to $1500.00 per year from the AZSBC, though exceptions can be made.

Preference will be given to a Grant Request submitted for an association-wide activity and should reflect the strategy of the association. The association should indicate its financial participation and the financial amount requested from the AZSBC. The amount requested of the AZSBC by an association is not limited but should be in accordance with the shared cost of the event.

The response by the AZSBC will be related to how the request reflects the five goals of the Centennial Vision ( and to available funds at the time of the request. Upon receiving funding, a church or association will be expected to return a completed evaluation of their ministry activity to the local association and the AZSBC.

Helping Churches in Crisis

2020 was a difficult year for AZSBC churches, as a result, we have decided to dedicate the 2020 Arizona Mission Offering to Helping Churches in Crisis. 100% of this offering will go to help churches struggling to make building payments, pay utilities, or support their ministry staff. These funds will be given in the form of grants that can be repaid to help other churches if circumstances allow.