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Simeon Trust Workshop

The Tempe Workshop on Biblical Exposition

October 18-20

Brother, our most crucial responsibility is to preach the Word of God. We rightly long to do so with confidence and skill. That’s where the Workshop on Biblical Exposition comes in! It is the single best place to go as a lead or preaching pastor to sharpen your skills, whether you have been preaching for one year or 50!

Each workshop focuses on one genre of Scripture. This year, it’s Apocalyptic Literature: the book of Revelation. You will come away from the workshop with the tools you need for this specific genre, plus many tools that apply to all genres.

The Workshop has three unique components. The first is Instruction. You will learn Principles of Exposition that will help you from the moment you read the passage for the first time to the moment you stand to preach. Instructions are practical and interactive.

The second component truly sets the Workshop apart: Small Group Practice. Each participant completes pre-work. Using the principles discussed in the instructions, the small groups seek to help each participant progress one step forward in their work.

The final component is Expositional Sermons. These serve to provide examples of faithful, biblical preaching. They are encouraging to the soul and to the mind: it is possible to preach faithfully and compellingly from God’s Word.

Finally, the bonus component: get to know brothers who take the Word seriously and desire to grow. You are not alone in the pastorate.

You can preach sermons that encourage, challenge, admonish, and enliven the hearer. The Word of God can and will do the work of God through you!

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Tempe, Arizona October 18-20, 2023 (Presentation (169))

Date & Time:
October 18, 2023 - October 20, 2023

Church on Mill
1300 S Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281 United States