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AZ Next Conference

The AZ Next Conference has been canceled. We look forward to Next Steps conversations with Pastors in 2023.

AZ Church Leadership For AZ Leaders By AZ Leaders

The purpose of this conference is to encourage church leaders to consider their next missional step as a church and to learn from our own Arizona pastors and leaders on best practices in certain areas.


Church Revitalization in a Rural SettingDustin Willey

I want you to know that God loves you and He loves your church.  And we will be talking through some steps that will help change the direction of your church regardless of your size or your location.  Most of the stuff we will be discussing will not cost you anything but can pay great dividends to your church.

I’m Dustin Willey and I have been at Crossroads Baptist Church for over ten years.  Our church is over fifty years old and was dying when I started.  With God’s help and the twenty-five senior adults that was present at that time, we changed the direction of the church.  Today we have everything from babies all the way to our senior adults and are still continue to growing.

Clarified Calling Expands Engagement – Tom Burks

Explore simple and profound ways to clarify your calling. Learn how to engage people in ministry through discovering and pursuing their calling.

Tom has the privilege of serving in one church for over 25 years. He came to Stone Ridge Church of Yuma in 1996 as the Youth Pastor. In 1998, he became the Worship Pastor. In 2018, he stepped into the role of Lead Pastor. A fan of Apple products and all things soccer-related, he’s either got an iPad in his hand or a soccer ball at his feet (sometimes both).

Evangelistic Conversations – Eddy Pearson

Learn how to turn everyday conversation into opportunities to share the gospel.

Being from a non-religious family, I worshiped athletic ability. A Christian college football player initiated a conversation with me about Jesus and over time God broke through. My first prayer resembled the sinners prayer I read in Luke 18:13. God turned my heart of stone to a heart of flesh that day and I am most grateful. I help the local church to cultivate conversations that lead to Jesus in her ministry field.

Crafting a Biblical Worship Service with Excellence – Aaron Petre

We will take a dive into scripture to see what it says our worship service should look like. And we will discuss how to apply it in a way that glorifies Him.

Aaron Petre is the Senior Pastor at Enchanted Hills Baptist Church in Tucson, Az since 2019. Before that he was a worship pastor/leader for over 20 years. He has led worship for multiple church sizes. He leads the Worship Catalyst Experience and Production Team for Zona Camp, the board for the Tucson Worship Conference, and continues to serve in multiple capacities for the Arizona Southern Baptist Mission Network and Catalina Baptist Association.

Building a A Ministry Residency – Monty Patton

If you ask any leader in our church what is the churches greatest need and most will have more leaders near the top of their list, but is there an intentional plan for “equipping the saints for the work of ministry?” (Eph. 4:12). Hoping they show up at the church ready to go is not aways the best strategy.  Learn how you can develop your own plan for growing up ministry leaders and possible church planters from your church.

Dr. Monty Patton, director of Send Network Arizona and founding pastor of Mountain Ridge Church, Glendale.  Married to Nancy Patton for 37 years, 2 daughters and 5 grandkids.

Connecting with Community/Schools – Jeremiah Semmler

Mobilizing Members as Servants – George Barnes and Kelcey Fry

Growing members to become engaged in ministry is a process of exhortation, education, and expectation.

George Barnes has been the Lead Pastor of HiWay Baptist Church since 2008.

Kelcey Fry has served HiWay Baptist Church since 2012, first as a part-time Youth Minister, and now as the Family Pastor.

Connecting with College Students – Marc Hill and Noah Jaeger

Discover practical steps to begin an on-campus ministry to college students at a campus near you and learn about partnering with the Arizona Southern Baptist Mission Network’s collegiate ministry, Christian Challenge.

Marc served as Christian Challenge campus missionary at NAU for 31 years before becoming the State Director of Christian Challenge in 2020. His hope is to partner with local churches to establish campus ministries on every college campus in Arizona.

For the past 7 years, Noah has served as a Christian Challenge campus missionary and helped launch Christian Challenge ministries on community college and university campuses in the Phoenix area. He now serves in a state role as the Launch Catalyst where he assists churches across the state in launching Christian Challenge ministries on their local college campuses.

Using Technology to Reach New People – Charles Scheffe and Larey Bond

Growing a church is a lot climbing a slippery pole, you either making progress up or your are sliding down. What if you could get some tools to help you climb easier? Join us as we talk about using technology to engage new people that are living near you.

Charles Scheffe is a Oklahoma State fan, father of 2 amazing girls, and lead Pastor of The Church at Estrella, which grew from my living room to a self-sustaining church in 4 years, including 13 months of meeting online only during the pandemic.

Larey Bond is a mother of 3 amazing girls, leads The Church at Estrella in its efforts to move people from 0-1 (not engaged to a first time visitor) through technology including social media platforms and marketing, google SEO, and website engagement.

Mi Amigo la Technologia

La technologia es una herramienta que la iglesia siempre a usado. Aprenderemos como servirle a Dios con el conocimiento y la tecnologia que el creó.

Samuel Castro es Director Creativo y de Jóvenes en la Iglesia Tierra Fértil en Yuma AZ. Por varios años a estado ayudando iglesias a desarrollar una amistad con la tecnología y crear maneras de seguir avanzando aun en un mundo lleno de distracciones tecnológicas.

De espectadores a servidores capacitados

En esta sesión los participantes serán expuestos al Pipeline Multiplicador y descubrirán maneras de usarlo en sus iglesias para llevar a sus miembros de espectadores a servidores capacitados para hacer la obra del ministerio.

Ramón Osorio es hondureño, casado con Rosana Osorio, tiene tres hijas y tres nietos. Osorio es pastor ordenado por Highview Baptist Church. Él posee tres licenciaturas, una Maestría en Teología y un Doctorado en Ministerio del Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS). Ha ostentado varios cargos gerenciales y ha sido maestro de educación pre-universitaria, universitaria y maestro adjunto de los programas de Maestría y Doctorado del MBTS. El Dr. Osorio ha iniciado y liderado iglesias hispanohablantes en Estados Unidos y desde el 2013 sirve en la Junta de Misiones Norte Americanas (NAMB) donde actualmente funge como Director de Plantación de Iglesias Étnic-Lingüísticas.

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Date & Time:
September 8, 2022 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Foothills Baptist Church
15450 S 21st St
Phoenix, AZ 85048 United States