Education That Makes a Difference

Mar 31, 2016

Debra Wolfrey CP“I am CP” makes Debra Wolfrey smile. She directs education for the Valley Rim Southern Baptist Association and is director of the Scaffolding Missionary Project. Debra graduated from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (GGBTS) with a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry, making her the first female doctoral graduate from Golden Gate’s Arizona Campus. The Cooperative Program (CP) made these achievements possible.

“I transferred from another seminary when GGBTS opened the Scottsdale campus. I desired the networking with professors and students to make my seminary education a superior experience. I needed a safe campus for evening classes, plus budget relief from high tuition fees. The Cooperative Program made that possible. Monies from the offering plates of our SBC churches across the country are distributed to six SBC seminaries as a part of CP ministries. With the help of CP giving, our seminaries offer an educational experience at unparalleled costs.

I went to seminary with pastors and other leaders from across our state, creating an invaluable network for me. Knowledge and skills I learned improved my expertise for my position where I serve at Valley Rim. Recently, I have been assisting some GGBTS professors in classes. What an honor and privilege to give back to a school that has given me so much!

My husband, Jeff, and I give our tithe at Pinnacle Church, an SBC church plant meeting in GGBTS space. CP makes this church possible. I look around the room and can hear the echoed voices of honored teachers, mentors and classmates, but I see young students going to church with me taking their turn at seminary education. I am proud to participate!”

I am Dr. Debra Wolfrey and I am the CP because your CP investment impacted me.

Because you and your church give, You are the CP.

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