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Looking to Serve?

Are you a "hands on" type person who loves helping others? If you are relatively healthy, active, and interested in finding a way to serve the Lord On Mission, Arizona Southern Baptist Disaster Relief might be a ministry that could fill that desire . Helping prepare meals for hurricane survivors, removing flood damaged walls and flooring from homes, manning a shower/laundry unit serving Disaster Relief volunteers or first responders, and praying with homeowners while assessing the level of damage to their home are all examples of ways volunteers can be On Mission with Disaster Relief.

SBDR volunteers enjoy a reputation throughout the Emergency Management community of being quickly available, of high integrity and dependable. Explore stories and photos on our Facebook and instagram. Take your first steps to begin training today.  Fill out the volunteer form and take the introductory class.


Online Training

"Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief" is our intro class, and is required for all volunteers. You can register, download materials, and take the class here.
The class is made up of 4 videos, and a quiz. Questions for the quiz come from the videos, as well as the downloadable training materials. After taking the Intro class, we will contact you and send you a link to complete your background check (required for all volunteers.)

  1. Pay $10 Here (You will be redirected to our payment page.)
  2. Complete New Volunteer Info form
  3. Download Materials Here
  4. Start the class!
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Volunteer Requirements

  • Completed application
  • Passed background check
  • Basic training, including Involving Southern Baptists in Disaster Relief

Stages of a Call Out

  • Alert: Notification of the possibility of assisting someplace. Respond if you might be able to go.
  • Standby: Probability of going somewhere. If you are still able to go, start getting ready.
  • Go/No Go: Your team is either informed of when they will go, or your team moves into standby or closing.
  • Closing: Your team is no longer needed.

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