How can you support Arizona Disaster Relief?

Arizona Disaster Relief’s budget is provided through the Arizona Mission Offering each year. Through the generosity of churches across Arizona, we are able to have funding to plan and carry out the work before us. We also receive financial gifts from individuals and churches throughout the year. These gifts often come at just the right time to meet the needs we are experiencing.

There are three ways in which you can help support Arizona Disaster Relief.


Arizona Disaster Relief is comprised of volunteers who go out of their way to provide help, healing and hope to those that have been affected by a disaster in Arizona and around the world.

  • We cannot do this without being covered in prayer! We need God to go before us and prepare opportunities to engage people in need.
  • We need Him to protect us as we travel and serve, providing wisdom and safety to our volunteers.
  • We look to Him to continue to work in the lives of those we serve through local churches, who will continue to care for and minister to the people affected by disaster in their community.


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You can give a gift to Arizona Disaster Relief any time by clicking the button below. You may choose to give a one-time gift or make it a recurring gift.

Other Ways to Support Arizona Disaster Relief

Home Depot and Lowes have partnered with Disaster Relief. When you register your credit/debit card with them, a portion of your purchase amount is donated to Disaster Relief. Click on the buttons below for instructions.