AZDR Teams


Prayer Team

The Prayer Team is deployed whenever we are responding to a disaster. They cover us in prayer and ask God to provide wisdom and safety as we travel and work. They pray for our equipment and our teams and opportunities to minister to those who have been affected by a disaster.

Assessment Team

The Assessment Team works to determine the needs of those who have been affected, and helps to prioritize the work that is to be accomplished during deployment. They are often the first ones from Disaster Relief to connect with homeowners after a disaster.

Assesment Team 2 DR
Feeding Team 1 DR

Feeding Team

Feeding Teams help prepare and serve food for residents who don’t have electricity to cook at home, for shelter residents, or for volunteers working in the area.

Shower/Laundry Team

The Shower/Laundry Team provides clean showers for the survivors as well as volunteers aiding in the disaster response. Similarly, laundry units wash and dry clothes for disaster survivors as well as those working in the disaster area.

Shower Team 1 DR
Mud Out 4 DR

Recovery Team

The Recovery Team helps in a variety of ways. After a fire, this team helps homeowners remove ash and debris and recover personal belongings. After a flood, this team helps remove water-damaged flooring, carpet, sheetrock and possessions for homeowners, to dry out and sanitize the home to prevent growth of mold and mildew.

Chainsaw Team

The Chainsaw Team removes trees, limbs and brush from driveways, roofs and yards. The team includes people who know how to use chainsaws, as well as those who can pick up and move debris.

Chainsaw Team 7 DR
Chaplain 1 DR

Chaplain Team

Our Chaplains seek to provide comfort and encouragement to the survivors and responders who are affected by a disaster by listening and sharing the hope that is found in the Gospel.

Incident Command

Incident Command is the structure we use to manage a response from beginning to completion. volunteers help with logistics, operations and administration.

Assesment Team 1 DR