AZDR in Action

Fort Myers

Arizona Disaster Relief volunteers answered the call after Hurricane Ian wreaked destruction in a wide swath across Florida.  Requests came from Florida Disaster Relief for Assessors, Mass Feeding teams, Shower/Laundry and Feeding teams from many states to support recovery efforts and Recovery teams to assist residents in beginning the long road to healing.  Chaplains, always imbedded in our teams, were on the field when the Lord presented a rare opportunity to assist FEMA at a Community Assistance Center in Ft. Myers Beach, one of the hardest hit areas. Our chaplains brought comfort and hope for many days to distraught residents, many of whom were so distressed, they were considering harming themselves.

Ft Myers


In August, Bouse experienced a storm with lots of wind. Arizona Disaster Relief was contacted to see if there was any way we could help residents who had damage to trees. On Saturday, September 5, a group of five Arizona Disaster Relief volunteers came together to serve four residences by cutting trees that had been damaged and carrying limbs and debris to the roadside to be picked up later. We had the privilege of meeting their Fire Chief and praying with one resident as we served the community.

St Louis

Arizona Disaster Relief was able to help with major storms that impacted Kentucky and Missouri. We were contacted by the Missouri Disaster Relief Director asking if we could send a team to help with flood recovery in the west suburbs of St. Louis. Arizona Disaster Relief had a group of six volunteers who served from August 27 to September 10 to help bring help, healing and hope to residents who had experienced the flooding.

St Louis