Polished by Campus Ministry

Aug 9, 2016

Sammy Primera CPSammy Primera is a living illustration of what our Southern Baptist college campus ministry, Christian Challenge, is doing in Arizona. Sammy will graduate from Northern Arizona University in December 2016 with a bachelor of science in nursing. As a nurse, she hopes not only to make a difference in her patients’ physical health but also to care for their spiritual needs.

Sammy became involved with Christian Challenge at NAU her freshman year. She has been challenged to live her life missionally. Sammy says, “Living missionally has helped me to see how my future career as a nurse will open doors for me to engage people with the gospel daily.”

The nursing program at NAU has given her the necessary classroom and hands-on experience in a clinical setting in a hospital. Christian Challenge has helped her see her future in the practice of health services as an opportunity for ministry.

“I have grown in my walk with Christ as his disciple because of my involvement in weekly Bible studies, mission trips, and prayer walking,” Sammy says.

Prior to moving to Flagstaff, Sammy was involved with her family at Black Mountain Baptist Church in Cave Creek. Christian Challenge has sought to build upon this foundation, motivating Sammy to use her career as a ministry. As she finishes college, Sammy is involved in a local Flagstaff church, Calvary Baptist Church.

Christian Challenge exists to engage college students with the gospel, develop disciples of Jesus Christ, and mobilize servant-leaders for the church. Sammy is one of many success stories in the ministry of Christian Challenge in Arizona.

Sammy Primera is the CP.

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