A Way to Share the Gospel

Sep 2, 2021

We all need a way to share the gospel and here are a few approaches that work today.  First, know your story of life-change and write it down. Read some stories of life change in scripture like John 4 and 9, Gal. 1:13-24. We suggest that a believer has their story down to one minute and prepare for a longer conversation as opportunities arise. Gateway Seminary evangelism class has their students work on a 100 word story along with a more substantive conversation of your life-change through the gospel.

An excellent quote by the late Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Evangelism professor, Roy Fish, is what helped me decide to use an approach that has a picture attached. He shares that “87 percent of a person’s decision making process is based upon the sense of sight.” What Fish is saying is that drawing or sharing an illustration helps to move a person’s mental machinery in their decision-making process. Most people think in pictures. As a result, Christians are encouraged to learn The Bridge to Life, Three Circles Life Conversations, John 3:16 or another evangelism illustration when the door opens for a Jesus conversation.

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